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Saturday, November 7, 2020

For Ron


theaginghippie lost perhaps it's biggest fan recently. Ron Olson. Ron loved the posts, claiming he was living his life through them. When I was publishing regularly, he couldn't wait. When I wasn't. he would push me to do another soon.

Beyond that, he made me feel really good. He always had a smile, a kind word and praise, a snack.

He adored his sisters, always sharing their triumphs. His nephews and nieces were the loves of his life. He would be bursting to share the news of a new baby, someone got a new job or promotion, some accomplishment or came to visit. He couldn't wait to get out to see them.

Most of all, Ron loved life and people. I know he is so thrilled at the results of the election. Heck, he probably was driving everyone upstairs crazy until he personally got Joe Biden elected. He wants people to heal, be healthy, be taken care of and be loved. 

I worked with Ron for many years and had the pleasure of seeing him daily. I am lucky to have many memories that will live on. But, I miss my friend. He has transitioned, but for me, again selfishly,  I wish he were here. I miss his smile. His kind words. Everyday saying 'Say hello to your lovely bride.' 

So, buddy (he always called me that), I will do my best to post regularly again, for you. Thank you for your support, friendship, and love.