One path on an uncommon journey

Monday, June 11, 2012


(08,04,2008,51,247,1 1/2, 30, 236)

Grouped together like that they do not mean a lot. Broken down, they mean bad news. On August 4th, 2008 my life changed forever. I was a little over 51 years old, weighed 247 lbs. and, although I had recently quit, had smoked 1 1/2 packs of cigarettes for 30 years. My cholesterol was 236 and I was referred to as 'mildly obese' by the cardiologist.

After a little bit of a push from Rhonda Reiderer and Beth Mongielo I went to the hospital and had three stents put in. They saved my life by forcing me to leave work and I am not saying that lightly. (Thank you, ladies. You will always be close in my heart and thoughts!)

Flash forward to July 6th, 2009. 52 years old, no smoking for 1 year, 198 lbs., cholesterol 108. Cardiologist and primary doctor ecstatic.

Flash ahead to May 30, 2012. 54 years old, no smoking for 4 years, 237 lbs., cholesterol 206. Cardiologist and primary doctor pretty pissed. At least they didn't refer to me as mildly obese this time (slight smirk).

I said when I started the blog that we'd learn together and I'd pour out some gory details. That's as gory as it gets for me. I joke around about my weight, but it's really no joke after 08/04/2008.

Other than my freshman and junior year of high school, I have battled my weight and food addictions. I've always had a bit of 'baby fat' around my waist. I have a terrible time with food. I eat when I am nervous, angry bored, happy or any other emotion apparently. I love food. And, what's worse, I love BAD food. Not a good combination with the aforementioned.

So, we'll begin this trip down the path together. A path to a healthier life style. I am making myself accountable to all of you and myself. I've done it once and I'll do it again.

Why share this? The reasons follow:

1. Learn from me
2. The copays for my prescriptions are $250.00 per month. And that doesn't include any doctor's visits. It ain't cheap.
3. The insurance I have is all I'll ever have. No one will touch me. And I hit another threshold of 55 this year, can't wait to see what that costs me.
4. Every form that you fill out is more complicated. Whether it's a drivers license, a first time visit to a masseuse, a carnival ride, whatever. They all want to know your medical history.
5. Everything is more complicated. Pulling a tooth, cutting your finger, lifting things.
6. Accountability. It's out there and now I'll have to own it.
7. You NEVER want to see the look of fear in your loved ones eyes when they look at you in the hospital. Not sure, afraid and with so much love. Never.
8. Many more that escape me right now.

I  do not want anyone to feel sorry for me. My intent is education and information. I'm a big boy (no pun intended) and I have owned up to what I did.

So, here's my plan in a nutshell (all daily):

1. Meditate
2. Pray
3. Cardio 1/2 hour
4. Stretching/yoga 15 minutes
5. Eat right
6. Drink water

I am gonna share my successes with you from this point on. I'll give you little weekly updates on the blog site and share tidbits and motivation. If anyone cares to join me, challenge me, make a bet or whatever will benefit both of us, please email me at dennis.digesare@gmail.com., PM me on Facebook, text or call.

So, join me on this journey and let me know what you think!

P.S. My first goal is 219  lbs. by my birthday, July 6th, 2012. It's aggressive, but doable. Check the page at theaginghippie.com titled 'Numb3rs' for updates.


  1. I'm backing you, I know you can do it!

  2. Best of luck Dennis, I know you can reach your first goal! And, congrats on not smoking for 4 years - that's amazing!