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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Just start already!

The wonders of technology. I had just dictated a new post on my brand, spanking new computer via a wireless headset, only to switch pages, thinking it would save. WRONG! Whatever happened to autosave??? Stupid autosave!

In any event, I will be posting updates in Numb3rs and random musings later and a new post for the next three Sundays. The first post will be on changing a habit: how to do it and what to do.

I have a couple of shameless plugs in the meantime.....

My mentor, Ellen Bourn, is involved with http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Light-of-Truth-Church/180985598598379. These are good people with heaven and Earth's highest interests, I assure you.

If you or anyone is in need of healing, simply go on The Light of Truth Church Facebook page and post their name (you only have to post their first name if you prefer.) This is a powerful, powerful healing group which I am associated with. You can also contact me at dennis.digesare@gmail.com if you'd prefer not to go public or need something special and I'll post anonymously for you or pass it along.

Finally, we will be holding the 2nd Annual Artisan Holiday Shopping at the White Linen Tea House on Sunday, November 18th from 11AM to 4PM. Participating will be Dawn Vizzi DiGesare, Patricia Esposito, Rosanna Cappellino, Tanis Wiinslow, Kimberly Kendziora, Elizabeth Dugan, Giovanna DiGesare, Nancy Gullo, Dennis DiGesare, Bruce Verbeck.

I'll be doing 15 minute readings and there will be everything from jewelry to jams and scones to fused glass to granite cheese boards to handmade Christmas stockings to sock monsters to leather goods and more.

Stop and say hello if you can!!

That's all folks...new post Sunday....Blessings and peace!...dennis

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